Windows 2000 Installation Problems

We're repairing a Windows 2000 Pro computer that came in with a "Missing or Corrupt system32/config/SYSTEM" File error. We managed to get past this by replacing the SYSTEM file in system32/config with the SYSTEM.SAV file in system32/config and renaming it SYSTEM.

Now the computer boots to the GUI part of Windows Setup. It asks for an SP4 disk, then a Windows 2000 Upgrade Disk, then an SP4 disk again. After the second SP4 disk, the installation proceeds until it gets to the "Installing Components" phase, and the installation halts at about 80% at "Installing COM+". It has sat at this phase for about 2 hours before we restarted it. Installation proceeded as before until "Installing COM+", then halted again. We're looking for a way around this problem.

The programs and their configurations on this computer are important.

We have tried booting to Safe Mode. In Safe Mode the installation proceeds as well, but halts at the same point. We have also tried a different Optical Drive and creating a new Win 2k SP4 disk without success. Neither the Win 2k Pro SP4 disk nor the Win 2K Pro Upgrade disk see the Windows Installation to attempt a Repair Install from the CLI portion of Windows Installation.

Thanks for your time.
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RCC_TechAuthor Commented:
We've resolved the problem. We booted to an XP Recovery console, ran fixboot, fixmbr. We also deleted the boot.ini and ran bootcfg /rebuild.

After rebooting to a Windows 2000 Pro OEM SP4 disk, Windows Setup saw the Windows Installation and allowed a repair install. The repair install proceeded past "Installing COM+" normally.

Thanks for your help.

(Note: I should have been clearer earlier. When the computer asked for the SP4, we used a 2k OEM Pro w/SP4 integrated)

I suspect somewhere along the way there is a conflict with the COM+ install component when switching between the install and SP4 discs.  You might try creating a Windows 2000 install CD with SP4 slipstreamed and re-run setup with it.  Below is a link on how to do this:
Thanks for the update, glad you got it fixed!
RCC_TechAuthor Commented:
Issue resolved independently.
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