WMplayer not playing ripped or copied music...

I recently burned a cd and copied some wma files to pc and tried playing them, but i get a clicking noise rather then music. but, all sound is ok for pc sounds, internet video, radio, programs, etc. just those files... the cd I burned played the music before i ripped them to pc aswell. what am i missing?
GrizNation23IT DirectorAsked:
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GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
the pc was just reinstalled with OS and worked, not sure what the issue was. thanks,
Hi grizNation

"I recently burned a cd and copied some wma files to pc and tried playing them".

When you say "copied some wma files to pc", where did you copy them from?

You're referring to "ripping" tracks to .wma encoded audio files FROM the CD that you burned, rather than "copying" them from somewhere else like a USB Flash Drive, correct?

The reason I ask is that I have no idea of your experience with such things, and a commonly asked question is "when I copy the files that I see on my audio cd out to my hard drive the files are 1KB in size", and clearly the person asking is trying to copy *.cda files which are nothing more than shortcuts.

You burned an Audio CD, not just a Data CD with files on it, correct?

What program did you rip the files with?  Windows Media Player, or something else?

What quality of audio did you choose when ripping the tracks to file, in Kilobits Per second (kbps)?

Do the files match the expected file size for the quality chosen?

When you try to play one of the ripped *.wma files and it just clicks, open the File menu and choose "Properties".  It would be interesting to see whether the files have somehow been encoded with some wacky codec that has found its way onto your system with other installed software, or if some alien codec is trying to play it in Windows Media Player.
Glad it works now, but perhaps if you had been able to answer some of the questions I was asking we may have been able to get things working without going as far as a reinstallation of Windows.
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Never want to reinstall, but that is what always works. Thanks,
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