expected issues with swapping out an MSA30

I'm trying to see how much trouble it would be to replace an MSA30.

I believe one of my MSA30s has a bad backplane.  I'm thinking the backplane is bad because slot #5 always shows a bad drive. (I've tried 3 good drives)

The unit is out of warranty so I was thinking of just swapping out the whole unit with another MSA30.  As far as I know, there aren't any smarts on the MSA30 so I think I should just be able to swap it out (and as long as I put the hard drives back in the same order,) the logical drives won't know the difference.  There are currently 2 logical drives on the MSA30.

I'd like to have someone let me know if they think I'm right or wrong.  Also, could there be another explanation for 1 drive bad always showing as bad?  On one post, someone had written about updating the firmware on an MSA30 but I didn't think it had any components that had firmware and I couldn't find any MSA30 firmware from the HP site.

The MSA30 is connected via scsi to an MSA1500 and fibre channel from there.  the drives are scsi.  I'm attaching a copy of the diagnostics from ACU.


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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is intelligence in the MSA30 but it's only environmental monitoring unit plus LEDs and their driver chip and I don't think the firmware is upgradable anyway (except by replacing the EMU chip). I wouldn't expect you to have any problem as long as you preserve the drive order. The only problem would be if there has been a SCSI address error on one of the backplane connectors, then automatic drive movement can put drive 1 at address 9 for example and there isn't a SCSI address 9 to put a disk in with a MSA30 Dual Bus.
c2mediaAuthor Commented:
Great.  Thanks for the help Andy.
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