Win 2003 dcpromo demote fails, TrkSvr - "The specified servive does not exist as an installed service"

Trying to demote Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 Standard x64 Edition DC to member server. Dcpromo wizard ends with error:

The operation failed because:
Failed to configure the service TrkSvr as requested
"The specified service does not exist as an installed service."

Domain functional level is currently Windows Server 2003. This server previously held all FSMO roles.

Any ideas on how to get dcpromo to complete?
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Mike KlineCommented:
Can you check for errors in the event logs and dcdiag

You could also use dcpromo /forceremoval  an then a metadata cleanup if a clean demotion is not working


Darius GhassemCommented:

Run dcdiag post results.

You can run dcpromo /forceremoval then run a metadata cleanup on existing DC.
ByteCafeSupportAuthor Commented:
I went ahead and ran forceremoval and did metadata and DNS cleanup. All looks good so far.

Before doing that, did not see any event log errors. Dcdiag had these failures:

      Starting test: Advertising
         Warning: DsGetDcName returned information for \\ITWPRINTSERVER.domain.local, when we were trying to reach ITWMAILSERVER.
         Server is not responding or is not considered suitable.
         ......................... ITWMAILSERVER failed test Advertising

      Starting test: Services
            IsmServ Service is stopped on [ITWMAILSERVER]
            kdc Service is stopped on [ITWMAILSERVER]
            NETLOGON Service is stopped on [ITWMAILSERVER]
         ......................... ITWMAILSERVER failed test Services

I split the points because you were only 3 minutes apart. Thank you both for the help.
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