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Hi Experts,

I've made a landing page for in straight HTML & CSS.  I want to paste the html into an article page (using code view) and add the css to the template.css file.  Related images & assets are placed in images\stories...

When I do this  none of the images (using image tags) and background images (using css) appear.  The dims & positioning seems to be rendered fine but none of the paths seems to work.  the site uses a RokBox them but I don't see how this would affect file paths as the syntax I use is identical to the template.css syntax.  So.. is it possible that trying to embed html with external css simply doesn't work in Joomla?  Seems to me it should work.  Where should I
start in the troubleshooting?
BTW it's Joomla 1.5


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Andrew DerseConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Embedding HTML with external css should work just fine.  

Here's a few tips/tricks:

Look here to embed new css file in with articles/modules:

If you do add it to your template's css...and the images are coded just like the other one's...and it's still not showing up...try coding the path to be an absolute path versus relative to see if that helps...

Also, have you tried doing a complete page refresh?  Hit Shift + F5, that should completely refresh the page for you.  Also, turn off your cache...your pages might be cached and you might have it coded correctly, but it won't render because the pages are cached...just a few thoughts.

Let me know if this helped or if we need to dig deeper into it.
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
put your css at template.css  of your template
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
try your article css to have only classes
HelpNearMeAuthor Commented:
Shift + F5 did it :) thanks
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