Log Shipping on MS SQL 2005

Hi Experts,

I'm running Log Shipping between two servers and I see all the .trn files getting moved from primary server to secondary server. However it's failing to apply the logs at secondary server. The message from Log Shipping restore log job step states "Skipped log backup file. Secondary DB".

Is there anything I'm missing, any help will be greatly appreciated.



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SamoinAuthor Commented:
I'm pretty positive that permissions are good on both the primary and secondary servers.

Can we manually update a single log? Do you the script or steps to manually restore a single log to see if everything works fine or not.

This also happens when the log files to be applied are quite old and the latest data is there in the secondary database. Check for the last applied log on the secondary database and the one it is applying.

Are you deleting the already applied log from the log backup repository?

And does by any chance, someone restored recent differential backup at the secondary server?
Aaron ShiloChief Database ArchitectCommented:

you should check if you have another JOB backing up the LOG file on server A.
if so then hes breaking the chain and you should delete it.

you shouldn't have any active process backing up the LOG file but the LOG Shipping process.
SamoinAuthor Commented:
Yes, it was related to the security as sqlserver service account on second server was unable to find the files.
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