exchange database 20 GB over size

Exchange 2010 SP1 . 16 GB of RAM and dual CPU .

Our exchange server data store is about 105 GB on disk.

When I export mailbox sizes to excel (from shell) , The whole thing is about 80 GB .

Two questions :

1- what else can cause mail store to be 20 GB over estimated size ?

2- Is 100 GB too big ? server runs smoothly at the time.
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you can never compare the total size of the mailboxes to the edb file size, roughly speaking the edb file size will be 20% to 30% greater than the total number of mailboxes size (without taking into consideration the white space)

there are a lot of other things that are in the database and takes place (views, indexes etc...) so it is a flawed logic

Database maintenance in exchange 2010 runs 24x7 and not just at night, white space is normal in any database.

Finally, in exchange 2010 database size are supported up to 16TB and the recommended size is of 2TB so you are very far below this limit do not worry
There is white space left over from when you remove mail from the system but this eventually gets purged in time. Microsoft recommend on a single mailbox server that the database size should be capped at 200gb however databases can grow upto 18 tb. Don't worry about the size too much unless disk space is at a premium.
akhalighiAuthor Commented:
database maintenance runs every night , still we have white space ? I though they fixed this issue in 2010.
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Well remember deleted item retention which by default is 14 days, this means what you delete today won't be purged from the db for 2 weeks.
Actually akhater, the recommendations are upto 200 gb when no resilience is in place ie DAG the recommended max size when in a dag is 2tb and the max supported size is 18tb.,
Radweld actually the max supported size is 16,000 GB just a bit below 16GB.

16TB is the absolute maximum FILE size on a NTFS volume with a 64k cluster.

the maximum recommended size of a edb is 2TB 200~250 was in the exchange 2007 days.

Microsoft recommends a lower size for non dags just to have a faster backup/restore but surely going over 200gb is no issue at all I have never heard of the 200gb thing on exchange 2010. If you have any reference to support your saying it would be good
just  a bit below 16TB * sorry
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