SSIS custom object … user interface specified by type name could not be loaded

Good Morning Everyone,
I have encountered the following error in BIDS while trying to recreate a coding sample for Creating a Custom Connection Manager for SSIS found at

 Error MSG

To be as detailed as possible below is an image of my Solution Explorer for reference.

Solution Explorer View
As you can see I created two projects in my Solution.

The First Project contains the Manager Class
The Second contains the User Interface Class a Custom Form to be associated with the newly developed connection Manager.

After reading the following blog I believe my problem maybe in my definition of my namespaces in the project.
The following images are my namespace declarations.

 Connection Manager Class Namespace UI Class Namespace Form Namespace

I am a newbie in custom objects for BIDS SSIS but using the references provided by Microsoft as follows I believe I followed all instructions correctly.

I successful completed the following:
Sign the assembly to be generated with a strong name.
Build the assembly.
Deploy the assembly by moving or copying it to the appropriate Integration Services folder.
Install the assembly in the global assembly cache (GAC).

GAC Integration Services Folder
I am not sure if the reference across the two projects is a problem as well but any assistance in this matter will BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I also noticed that UI was a EXE. Don't know if that's a possible issue as well. I have been researching this issue for two weeks now and I pride myself on being able to figure out anything but this seems to be an issue I’m going to bring before you guys (the Experts).

I hope I have provided enough reference material for your assistance. If not please let me know and I will provide what is needed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments, and/or help. For those who find this issue I tried to be very detailed but please let me know if you need additional instructions upon us resolving this as in my research I found there are a lot of people out there with the same issue.
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are right about the format but as the class is within the namespace, I thought using the dllname.namespace.classname might work.
The name is fully qualified so did you try adding the SharepointConnMgrUI third time?
dond123Author Commented:
Thank You for the quick response. I tried your suggestion but maybe I didn't understand completely. I'm going to illustrate my interpretation of your suggestion. I also read another article that stated that one should not have the namespace and the class name the same. So in my illustration you will see a change in the namespace.

According to your suggestion I tried:  
In the article at he explains the correct format for UITypeName should be :
<Class name>,<Dll name>, Verison=<Dll version>, Culture=<Dll Culture>, PublicKeyToken=<PublicKeyToken>

Would this be what you were trying to suggest and can you see if my understanding of your suggest is correct in the illustration.

Thanks Again
dond123Author Commented:
I apologize for my delay in response. I will be trying out the suggest this week and will update by Friday. Other obligations took me away from this project for a minute but i will complete it this week. Thanks for your patience. I will award the point accordingly.
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