Exchange 2003 Front End/Backend Issue with OWA/Activesync

We have a few servers that are backend servers to the organization's front end server. The existing backend servers handle OWA requests with no problems.

We have created 3 new Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition servers to do some mailbox migrations, however no users are able to access OWA or Activesync. This is happening on all 3 servers. The servers are all (FE and BE) on the same Exch2003 SP2. If I create a new mailbox on one of the new servers, I can access the mailbox fine from Outlook, but via OWA it gives me a 500 error.

If I take a working mailbox from one of the working BE and move it to one of the new ones it doesn't work, throws the 500 error and gives errors for Activesync as well and won't connect to the servers.

I've re-installed exchange on one of them, rebuilt the Exchange Virtual Directories, etc. And nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any ideas that can help as we are stuck!

Is there some special procedure needed on the Front Ends or Backends so they are aware of each other with regards to OWA or Activesync? It's bizarre as regular mailflow works fine.
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Are the public FQDN for OWA set correctly?
Did you try reinstalling SP2? We had the problem before: After installing SP2 OWA etc. stopped working. Reinstalled --> All fine.

What does the event viewer say?
ipinvaderAuthor Commented:
Event viewer is pretty quiet, nothing really jumps out at me.

When you say the public FQDN for OWA, this is internally that we are trying to access owa via the same URL that is used externally. Also, I've tried http://servername/exchange which comes back with a login/pw popup but never accepts and eventually throws an Access denied.

I am just confused how it could be happening to THREE individual servers; Granted they were all installed the same but for it to be happening to all 3 has me perplexed.
Have you tried reinstallig SP2?
ipinvaderAuthor Commented:
I will try the SP2 reinstall but i doubt it will make a difference
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