how to change the width of the linux console (no x) to 132 character wide

Hi Experts,
I got an easy one,
I'm not using x... only at the console.
I want to set the terminal width from 80 to 132.
what command should I use.
is there a way to set it permanently to 132.
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RogerMoquinAuthor Commented:
Hi JammyPak,
the stty cols and rows is a good command since it works on vt100 over ssh and on the console to reduce
the size of the cols and rows....
for some reason I'm not able to get to 27X132...
Do I need to load valid font to make it work on the console?
i'm using tinycore (microcore the console only)  linux but I don't think it's an issue with the distribution.

I'm really not sure, sorry!
RogerMoquinAuthor Commented:
Work great for virtual terminal but does not work on the console.
there may be something else to do like changing the font or something else.
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