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We have Acrobat 8 Std & Office 2007 Pro Plus on most work machines in the office. I just upgraded some people in the office to Office 2010 PP to test before rolling it out to everybody. The only thing they have come up with so far is something I didn't even know they could do in Outlook 2007. Apparently there used to be a tool bar option to 'convert to PDF' which allowed them to save emails & even multiple emails, along with attachments into one PDF file. They use this as their primary way of saving emails related to a particular client in the communal file store for all staff members to access.
Going back over the Add-In's that are loaded in the various Outlooks I believe it is an add-in called PDFMaker which is in the main Acrobat program files as PDFMOutlook.dll. In outlook 2010 it was listed as disabled, when I enabled the add-in it goes to inactive. When I try to activate it, outlook sets it to 'Load at start-up' but it continually fails.
Is this an incompatibility between Acrobat 8 & Office 2010 or is there something else I can do? We are looking at upgrading to Acrobat 10 but it will be a while.
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WJPR_ITAuthor Commented:
OK so it looks like this was an issue with Acrobat 8 & 9, and will only be solved by installing / upgrading to Acrobat X. 
WJPR_ITAuthor Commented:
I see that this is listed as a feature of Acrobat 10: 

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