HELP!!! Exchange 2010 SP1 is hung doing Microsoft Updates...

HELP!!!  I have an Exchange 2010 SP1 running on Server 2008 R2 SP1 that was in the process of performing Microsoft Updates when it seems to have hung up doing a Rollup Exchange SP1 install.  I checked the services and it looks like Exchange Information Store service is attempting to stop, but is hung on "stopping".

What can I do without blowing up my Exchange server?  Is it safe to restart the system via Start / Restart or something else?

It has been this way for over an hour and need to get this going again, since it has stopped email services.

Thanks in advance.

rsnellmanIT ManagerAsked:
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dibiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Argh, killing a service in 2k8 is not as easy as it was in 2k3 - too bad.

You will have to reboot your server. Before, set all services to "start manually" but write down which one you changed!
Then, reapply Exchange Rollup.
Should work :)
rsnellmanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Looks like the store.exe process is stuck and will not stop, it is using nearly 8GB of memory!!!

So, I decided to end the process myself, eventhough it said something about losing unsaved data.

It doesn't matter at this point the mail server has stopped functioning for nearly 2 hours now.

So, I noticed after stopping the process (store.exe) that the Information Store service finally stopped.

Well, it still didn't seem to help the stuck updating process from Microsoft Updates, so now I have decided to restart the server via Start/Restart.  And we will see what happens.
THe Ex Information Store IS store.exe :)
Killing it will kill the service. If it works, you are one step further!
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May be  the problem with antivirus.
Disable the antivirus and proceed further.
rsnellmanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
OK, I finally was able to restart the server and then proceed with the failed MS updates.  Now, it is back up and running or at least it looks like it is, but I am doing some test sends and they are taking forever to send or receive.

Any ideas?
rsnellmanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
It does send & receive, but takes like several minutes before getting to the final destination.  Not sure if it is the server or our spam filter device.
rsnellmanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Guess next time I should restart the server once to clear the store.exe process than just wait patiently during the MS updates process.

Thanks for all the help.
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