How to filter a data report

I have a report that right now display all quote number grouped by a date. In the 9/29/11 field I return quote numbers that are valid in both formats 10001 or 1000-1. The problem I need help with is that if a quote number is 1000-1 then it only returns that single number and not the 1000 number. The "-1" defines it as an updated quote so I would only want to display the most updated quote number.

I tried using an if else and a instr function but that did not do the trip.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you using a parameter in the filter?

Are you doing any summaries in the report?

You could add a group by quote number (or really a group on a formula that is:

Suppress detail lines, just showing group header.

Insert a summary and choose Minimum, or Maximum of {table.quotefield} into the group header. Either MIN or MAX should should the quotes with -# if two quotes are present. Try both to see which yields your desired result.

Create a formula to extract the quote number part of the field.

A variation on GJParker's and LinInDenver's suggestions.

 Create a formula like:

 Split ({quote # field}, "-') [ 1 ]

 That's more flexible than using Left ({quote # field}, 5), which assumes that you will always have 5 characters in front of the "-".  If there will always be 5 characters, then using Left is fine.

 Group on the new formula.  Within the group, sort on the quote # field (the field, not the formula).  Suppress the group header (And details?) and put the quote # field in the group footer, and you should see the largest quote # in each group.

 Note that this all assumes that the number after the "-" will always be 1 digit/character.  If you could have numbers like 10000-9, 10000-10, 10000-11, this won't work, because 10000-9 would sort after 10000-10 and 10000-11.  If you could have numbers like those, you'll have to do some more work to find the highest number.


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