Combining Multiple XSD Files into One Schema


We have a server application that can return one of 5different XML responses to a caller. These responses are described by separate XSD files. Let's call them A.xsd, B.xsd, C.xsd, D.xsd and E.xsd. We have control of the namespace, etc., so that does not represent an issue.

Now, I want to take the 5 different XSD files and create a single XSD that can be used to validate any of the messages (A, B, C, D or E).

How would I go about building a single XSD that accomplishes this?

I have looked at using complexType, choice, etc., but the options are confusing.

I have attached 2 of the XSD files that I'd like to combine into one...


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Geert BormansInformation ArchitectCommented:
Well, this is a bit a tricky task.
In fact you more or less need to do the modelling all over

In a first view you can throw all stuff together
The structure is almost the same and the main difference is that a "Response" has a "recordset" with a number of "tns:Result" as child for criminal.xsd and a number of "record" in evictions.xsd

You could add a choice

<xs:element name="Response">
                        <xs:element ref="tns:stats"/>
                              <xs:element ref="tns:recordset"/>
                              <xs:element maxOccurs="unbounded" ref="tns:record"/>

so this now covers both xsd.

But, the model for tns:stats/tns:searchInput is different. Also there you could make a choice between the complex type of the simple string type one way or another.
So you can make a combined model, BUT
... something you can't model is that tns:stats/tns:searchInput should be a simple string when there is a recordset, and have a somewhat more complex model when there are multiple records
That is a co-occurence constraint, and that can't be modelled in a xsd, without help from schematron

So bringing to schemata together already gives a less strict schema over having two different schemata,
I am not sure how acceptable that is

I hope you understand this would even get worse with 5 schemata

Please consider carefully why you want to do this.
I have a feeling that it would be more powerfull to guess teh schema from the result that comes in
and dynamically attach the correct schema to your XML.
It is going to be a lot more robust
In order to get it right, you are in for a complex redesign (if at all feasible, I have only seen two of the 5 schemata)

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