.net application can i set forms authentication session to 1 minute?

in my .net application, i want to set timeout to 1 hour.

I played around the web.config and iis, still no luck to set the time.

Come down to it, i want to try set <authentication mode="Forms"> to 1 minute (for testing purpose), can i do that?  
<authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="/Security/Login.aspx" timeout="1" path="/"></forms>

cuz i am wondering the timeout min is 30 minute.

Please advise,
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The timeout value is in minutes.

You should be able to set the timeout to 1 hour by setting the value to "60".
And yes, the default timeout for the ASP.NET 2.0 Forms authentication is 30 minutes.

Yes, you should be able to set the value to 1 minute (by setting it to 1). As long as you don't perform any actions on the website after being logged in, it should log you off after 1 minute.
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