iTunes does not update cannot find MSI file


I am encountering a rather nasty issue.  I am trying to update (install the latest update) of iTunes and it continually fails telling me the MSI file cannot be found on the network resource.  The file is stored on the C drive under my profile (presumeably the default location for the file).  I have tried removing the product using the Revo Uninstaller, the old Microsoft Cleanup Utility, creating a new profile, re-registering the Windows Installer app and all have failed.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and resolved it?  Suggestions are very welcome.

 Thanks in advance
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Vadim RappCommented:
Try to repair the installation by running that file, the one that installer does not see, with switch /fv:

msiexec /fv \\host\share\myfile.msi

This will re-declare that file as the source of the product. Then try updating again.

Vadim RappCommented:
So, is the file it's looking for in place, or not?
Have you also made sure to uninstall other related Apple products for a fresh start?  For example Quicktime and the apple software updater etc?

Can you post a log file of a failed install?
RLFennerAuthor Commented:
The file is in the correct folder location (where the installer is looking for it).  

In regards to the uninstall question, the uninstall tries to access the same file and fails with the same message.  I will try removing the other apps and see what the result is and get back to you.
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