Outlook rule to hard delete items


Running Outlook 2007 SP2.

Our CIO hsa numerous alerts, notifications etc coming into his mailbox, some of these are quite large. He is going on holiday for 2 weeks and wants these to be deleted whilst he's away to prevent them filling up his mailbox.

Our Deleted Items retention is 5 days, which means that even if I set up a rule to send the items to DI, they not be deleted for a further 3 days.

Does anyone know of a way to hard delete them as soon as they arrive?
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What you want to do is to add a rule to deliver all of these items into the same folder, a new one you create, then go to the properties of the folder, and under the archive options, set the permanently delete option for items older than a day.

Here is a link on how to do it in 03, works the same in 07.


kam_ukAuthor Commented:
Perfect. thanks!
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