Cannot access test website on a new server.

I am attempting to setup a test website on a new webserver (Windows Server 2008 Web Edition R2, IIS 7.5).  I created a folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot\SuperTest and copied into this folder all the files and directories created by Visual Studio 2010 when the website is published.  I am now trying to access this website from another workstation using the following URL:  I get 401 - Unauthorized:  Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

If I use the URL, I get the default IIS 7 image, thus proving that the web server is accessible.

I can access IIS Manager on the web server.  However, I do not know what to do next.

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Warren_PConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solution provided by Microsoft Developer Support.
1.  On the web server:  Install .NET Framework 4.0 full, which replaces .NET Framework client profile.
2.  Gave the IUSR account access to the folder containing the website files.
3.  Removed and added server role such that IIS will serve ASP.NET applications that target .NET Framework 4.0.
4.  Setup the site alias in the "hosts" file on the accessing workstation.

.... Warren
make sure the website has anonymous access available.

if you have a web.config file, make sure your site is an application within IIS7
Warren_PAuthor Commented:
Using IIS 7, I navigate to SuperTest in the left pane.  I see SuperTest Home in the right pane.  
On IIS Authentication, I right click and select "Open Feature".  It shows the following:
Anonymous Authentication - Enabled
ASP.NET Impersonation - Enabled
Forms Authentication - Enabled

I do have a web.config file.  When the website was created, I right-clicked on "Sites" and created a new website that shows as a peer to the "Default Web Site".
Warren_PAuthor Commented:
Solution provided by Microsoft Developer Services.
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