Embed Video for iPad and iPhone - And embedding in general

Hi Experts,

I know there are numerous posts out there about this subject.  I would like to embed MP4s on a website so that users on ipads and iphones can view the videos. I am aware that embedding the videos as flash will not work. But I think I need a better understanding of embedding video to begin with.

I'd also like to add that I want to host the videos on my own server, so I don't want to use YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Viddler, etc... I don't want a solution that will cost a monthly fee.

Can someone first tell me what actual embedding options exists?  For example, can video embedding be broken into a couple of different branches? Like:

1. Flash
2. HTML5
3. Javascript

Currently, I'm using JW player on my website, but as this method embeds the videos as flash, I'd like to move away from that. I've found these three alternatives but I wanted to get more information. I.e. are there cons that I'm not aware of, or better ways out there??

HTML5 Method:

Cons seem that HTML5 is not supported by IE7 or IE8

Video For Everybody (Cool way to detect user's browser and deliver the video accordingly??)

Javascript Method??

Where I really start to get confused is I hear a lot of people talking about H.264 and WebM video. On top of figuring out what type of embedding I need, do I also need to worry about the way the video was encoded? So, just knowing that I have a .MP4 video is not enough. ??

And it's only until recently that I've every hear about "Ogg" video.

In the Video for Everybody link the author talks about the issues with H.264 and says that if you do use H.264 video for commercial use you will need to buy a license from MPEG-LA.

I know this question is long winded and I apologize. But I'm wondering if someone out there with more video embedding and encoding experience can shed some light on some of this for me.

Might anyone have any advice on how to pursue this?

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
You're all over the place with this question which makes it almost impossible to answer.  The site will work best for you if you pick one issue and ask about it then accept that answer and ask a new question.  

Short answer: JW media player has an HTML 5 version.  I would use that if you insist on hosting your own video.

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azlumiereAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply.
azlumiereAuthor Commented:
Feel like there could have been slightly more information, but will close if the question is too long.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
The question isn't too long so much as you were covering too many different topics for one thread to effectively answer them.  Break it up into smaller chunks and post those and let people go in-depth on one topic and you'll get what you need.
Azlumiere, how far did you get with this? I have exactly the same set of questions.
azlumiereAuthor Commented:
Hi splanton,

I still feel like I don't have the *big* picture, but I ended up going with the JW Player on the particular site that I mentioned above.  http://www.longtailvideo.com/players  

The JW Player now supports HTML5 which means that it can be viewed on the iPhone and iPad. You can download a free version if you aren't using it commercially, or at least to check it out.

I still don't have a clear understanding of H.264 and any licensing issues, or Ogg video. I stopped researching when I found the method above - but I'm sure I'll need to know at some point! Wish I had more to offer! Good luck to you!
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