How do I use jquery to test for a script or element in the head of a page?

I want to create a page that takes one input, a URL, and then reads the page referenced in the URL and checks a few things:
Is there a script tag in the head whose SRC contains a link to a given site?
Are there any divs in the body whose class name beginx with xyz?

So basically it would be  a form with a text field and a submit button. The generated page would be a report listing the existence or absence of the items in the list above.

Is this something jquery could do?
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Is the URL passed will be on the same domain or not ?
Same domain :
Put the URL into an IFRAME and use :
var iFrameDoc = $("#myIframe").get(0).contentWindow.document;
var scripts = iFrameDoc.scripts;
var siteToMatch = /;

for(var i = 0; i < scripts.length; i++) {
  if (scripts[i].src ~= siteToMatch) {

var classToMach = "xyz";
var divs = jQuery([]).pushStack( iFrameDoc.getElementsByTagName("div") ).filter("className ^=" + classToMatch);

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Other domain :
Use the $.get function to retrieve the page. Into the callback function use regular expressions to find what you need.
(Mostly as suggested by AlokJain)
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