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I have the domain and I want to use my Gmail with this domain. How can I do that?

Is this free of charge?


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Can you be more specific to your actual needs.

Do you want to be able to relay mail from your domain through your GMail account?
Do you want multiple users to be able to send from your domain through Gmail?
Do you want Google to host mail for your domain?

etc etc.
If you are trying to setup a business to have hosted mail by Google, then you want Google Apps.

jr_barros_jrAuthor Commented:
I want Google to host mail for my domain.
In that case you will want to setup Google Apps --

It's a great service, lots of helpful documentation, decent prices, and since so many people use it, getting Expert advice for it on EE should be pretty easy to do.
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
If you want to move to Google Apps, here is the link to start:

If you want help planning and managing your migration, training, and/or better support, contact a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.
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