Freeradius act as NAS

i am using freeradius as radius server, i
how can i forward all auth and accounting that comes to my freeradius ? no replication just forwarding
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Are you talking about proxying?

Presumably the NAS you reference is not a storage device but a network device i.e. NAS-Type.

I.e. Auth request/accounting packet hits your system and you want it to be sent to another set of servers?
NethouseBIMAuthor Commented:
no i want to send all auth and accounting copy to the radius listener ... please check attached picture rad
This is what proxy means. Both have to have freeradius installed and listening for the requests. This is why your picture does not seem to make things clearer

You would configure the realm on which the requests will be coming from the Network device and those packets will be forwarded

Why not configure the NAS/GGSN to send the requests directly to the RADIUS server that you want the packets to end up?
Why introduce a point of failure that seemingly serves no purpose?
You can have to Radius server and have the NAS/GGSN configured to send to one and the other if the primary fails.  The same with the accounting packets.  You could send auth to one while sending the accounting to the other.  Using a database backend for both i.e. mysql you could maintain state and minimize the configuration/replication that you would have to manage.
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NethouseBIMAuthor Commented:
Becouse Radius listener is Cisco SCE 2000 - Subscriber management server , which listens radius requests and apply traffic rules and quota...
What is it you want to achieve/end up with at the end?
Here are a few question that might help me get a clear picture of what it is you want to do.

1) The Cisco SCE 2000 will have the data on who should be allowed in, what settings they will have, what quota they will have etc., Correct?
2) What is the purpose for which you setup the freeradius server or was it a requirement to integrate the three components together.

NAS/GGSN will receive a connection request  from a remote user or local user, you've configured NAS?GGSN to send the RADIUS request to the RADIUS server and would like the request to be forwarded to the Cisco SCE 2000 (proxy configuration on the server).?

NethouseBIMAuthor Commented:
1. exactly correct

2.we are using freeradius more than 5 years .. its not an old system .. all data is on it.

i cant send both freeradius and cisco Listener at same time directly from NAS , becouse its TELECOM unit.. we have no access

You would need to configure your freeradius to proxy request from the specific client which you will define as being part of a specific realm to the SCE device. The response will be sent back fro the SCE device to the Freeradius which then in turn will send the response back as is or modify if you want to add parameters within freeradius.
The accounting packets are in a similar way will be proxied to the SCE device.

Please see reference to configuring freeradius as a proxy for a specific realm which is what you are seemingly concerned with versus configuring freeradius to proxy any request it receives.

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