HP Proliant DL380 G6 and G7 RAID Array Monitoring and E-mail

Hi all,
Been searching for a solution to this, but without any luck!

I have two servers, (see title) where server 1 runs Windows Server 2008 R2 and the other one runs VMWare Vsphere, with Windwos Server 2008 R2's. I want to be notified if I have a hard disk failure or anything happens with my RAID's. I've looked into the HP Insight System Manager, but I find this software solution to be very "heavy" and it provides a lot more data than I need.

The servers are all in my workplace and I basically check the power supplies, and I access the servers each day via remote desktop. However I find it critical to get an instant notification if a hard drive failes.

Is there a "lighter" software which can provide what I need (e-mail notification in the event of a RAID issue)? It's of course important that it will work on both the basic physical server, and on the viritual server...

Thanks and best regards!
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start/Programs/HP Management Agents/Event Notifier Config - if it's not there you have to download and install the Proliant Spport Pack.
SIM is indeed a bit over the top for 2 servers.

For Win2008 you can configure the event notification drivers (Start -> HP system tools...) the wizard will allow you to enter an email server etc so it can send emails for hardware status changes.

For ESXi if you have the HP version you can see see the status in VCenter, but I don't know any solution for the free version except looking at the LEDs on the disks.
kaare_tAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks,

Could you please be a bit more specific regarding the wizard (Start -> HP system tools -> ????)?

I could not find any wizard that would take me through e-mail notifications..... What's the name of this specific tool/wizard?

Thanks again and best regards.
kaare_tAuthor Commented:
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