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Website DNS Issues

Hi Everyone

I have an interesting issue.

The issue is on our website (hosted externally). Our DNS internally is registered as smart.co.za (example only). So when i type in smart.co.za (from internal), i cannot get to the site, but when adding www.smart.co.za, everything works. I assume this is due to the fact that internally we have www and webmail records for smart.co.za lookup zone, but I would like just typing smart.co.za to take me to www.smart.co.za.

Thanks a lot
1 Solution

You can. Just create A record for your SLD  (second level domain), smart.co.za to the IP address of www.smart.co.za by and create CNAME www.smart.co.za to smart.co.za.
Your problem is that your domain controllers need to respons to that domain name. This is why a lot of companies go for domain.local

If you really want this you need to install IIS on all you domain controllers and setup a redirect.. Highly recommend not installing IIS on a dc

So other than renaming your domain you would have to live with it.

Any solution like not using dynamic and and tricking it.. Would put the domain at risk.
what you really need to do is a URL redirection from smart.co.za website to the www.smart.co.za url and this could be achieved by following this link: http://www.serverintellect.com/support/iis6/iis-url-redirect.aspx, so that when you type the http://smart.co.za it will open the www.smart.co.za

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technolutionsAuthor Commented:
At the moment the website is hosted externally so no changes are needed from a IIS perspective with redirection. I just need internally if a user types smart.co.za (example only) in the web browser, the www is added for them.

Also while browsing the site from internally, if i click on a link on the site for lets say contact details so http://smart.co.za/contactus (example only), that link also doesnt work as www isnt working or addedto the links...

what you need is to alter the hosts files on your client machines with the real ip address of your www.smart.co.za website for example the real ip of your www.smart.co.za is x.y.z.t then you must put on your users host files the following entry x.y.z.t  http://smart.co.za so that in this way when you tyoe on your IE the http://smart.co.za it will take you to your www.smart.co.za ip address. And to do this on all your machines you have to implement it using batch file and group policy following this article: http://apdubey.blogspot.com/2008/09/edit-host-file-by-batch-file.html
for the links, you need to use relative path instead of absolute path, so use "/myimage/test.png" instead of "https://smart.co.za/myimage/test.png"

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