Inserting Textbox? Objects

Hello.. I'm sure this would be an easy answer.. however, i dont use word to know how to do it yesturday.
1.  If i create my own table on word how do i insert those textbox looking objects?
2.  At my work place they have a template.. However, they have everything locked it seems and with the ability to only edit the textbox looking object.  How can I duplicate that for my own template?

Thanks in advance.
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The objects are single-celled tables, nested inside the main table.

You might be looking at text input Form Fields or Content Control text boxes. They can be inserted from the Controls group on the Developer tab. The document can be protected for Filling in Forms via the Protect Document button on the same tab.
Friggin_LazyAuthor Commented:
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