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video always hangs or Twitter can time out

Whilst in the past this hasn't affected work too much, it is changing.
If you watch a You Tube clip, for example, it can hang for ever, or a couple of refereshes might get it continuing.
But as we now have a Twitter account for work, this is also timing out.
We had an Annex-M broadband account set up last year to give us no contention.
Upload has improved but normal broadband speed hasn't increased much, but I guess with no contention, it should be okay.
Right, there are about ten to twenty people at head office all using Windows 7 or XP.All fully patched.
We have an SBS server and a 2003 server, all running Sophos.
The gateway is a SonicWall TZ190.
I spoke to the ISP to see if they were throttling the connection, whoops, that upset them. They said it might be a setting in the FireWall!
Any ideas why streaming video or Twitter for example is hanging.
Where do I look.
Oh this isn't just in Internet Explorer.
1 Solution
My first question is whether all users are experiencing the same behavior, or only some.  If everyone is experiencing the same behavior, I would start with the firewall.  The easiest way to test this would be to put one of your machines in a location that bypasses the firewall, but not all organizations will allow that, or there may be geographic reason that won't work.

Next thing would probably be to check the firewall logs.  I agree with the ISP, that's a real possibility.  Finally, you may have to resort to doing some sniffs with Wireshark or something like that to see what the actual messages are that are being sent back and forth.
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
I'm embarrassed to say that it must have been the firewall or line.
Basically, I did two speedtests. These were during the day, but I still wanted to see the results.
13 people in the building, first download test gave 2.87MB!!!
Second gave 3.23MB; disgusting.
So, I popped to the servers and pulled the power from the SonicWall and the Zyxel router.
Waited a bit and powered them up.
Waited for them to come up fully and then retested; 7.65MB.
So it's still either the SonicWall or the line. Still don't know which or why, but it seems to have resolved the issue. Your response said about bypassing the firewall, I might try that next time to see if it is the SonicWall or the line.
Thanks again.

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