Lync 2010

Hi, i would like to learn Lync 2010 as im now working woth Exchange 2010.

My question is will i need to learn voip first before i learn Lync 2010

Thank you
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depends what you what to be able to do with Lync.

The basic features of Lync should be easy to grasp.

The VOIP elements usually fall into the area of consultancy - it depends on how you intend to deploy it i.e. integrated with your Current PBX or as a replacement for.

I would invest you time in being able to deploy and look after the main elements of lync and look at a 3rd party to help you with the VOIP part
you will surely need (sooner or later) a good grasp of VOIP if you want to be able to deploy lync and troubleshoot it

This being said lync, as administration and deployment, needs much more knowledge than just voip. What I mean is that you can look at lync as a product and learn VOIP as you go.

It is just as if you are asking if to learn exchange you need to learn how smtp and email works. the answer is at the same time yes and no. whenever you know lync you will surely know quite a bit about VOIP and you could be a VOIP expert and have no idea about Lyhc
my answer to this question is:
if you will deploy lync to works only in your network environment (even if you have multiple sites over WAN link) you do not need to have knowledge in voip and how it works
if external access is made from outside your network environment you need to have some good understand of voip to implement enterprise voip.
as conclusion, you need to learn voip but not to be expert on it neither to study it first before beginning lync 2010.
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