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Please share some advanced SIP plans for (DBA prospective) sql server 2005\2008. The SIP plans must save DBA time or production time.

I have implemented below mentioned SIP's in my current environment. Is there any other new\advanced SIP's for DBA?
1. Automated backup status report - using tsql code
2. Automated disk space report - using tsql code and powershell
3. Job status report (Index rebuild\checkdb\Statistics update)

Thanks in Advance.
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AnujSQL Server DBACommented:
Add this to your list

Physical file fragmentation report.
Server Report - Hardware and SQL Server configuration for Instance wise.
Database file management report -  Includes both data file and log file size, Growth report.
tempdb growth and performance report.
Index maintenance report  - Includes Fragmentation, duplicate index, rebuild strategy.
Statistics report - About the statistics update.
Msdb Maintenance report - Includes purging old jobs, SSIS package reports, and job running on the server.
Job Reports - Job complete status reports on the server.
Linked server report -
Audit Failure Login report - details about failed login.
Security Report - At database and server level, adding and removing logins also.
DDL change report - DDL changes in the database.
Long running query report - Query that executes for long time comparing your baseline.
Downtime report - regarding how the downtime occurred and the how you prevented it from happening in future.
Service pack update reports - both sql server and windows service packs.
High availability reports - Replication, log-shipping clustering, mirroring

sg05121983Author Commented:
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