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Create 2nd DHCP pool

Hello I currently have a 2003 server sp2.  I have a server that has the dns and dhcp setup and our company is growing very quickly.  I need to add more ip addresses.  Is their a way to add a second dhcp pool for people to connect to?  the first scope i have is hbapps.hbdomain.local

scope name
start ip
end ip

I would like to have

1 Solution
Why not just lengthen your existing scope if you have the IP range available. If not, you can just create a superscope:


It works very well.
HB-ITAuthor Commented:
if creating just a superscope will that affect people that are currently connected or can I do this on the fly?  Also the other ip addresses are for routers and static addresses.

It won't affect anyone that already has a lease assigned. Once their lease expires & their client request a new IP, that is when the client could get a lease/IP from the new scope. You can do it on the fly with no problem. I've done it many times.
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HB-ITAuthor Commented:
once i go through adding this scope do I need to add it to the dns if so whats the process for that?
I don't think I understand your question....but no, you don't do anything to DNS. You only add your primary & secondary (if available) DNS servers to your scope so when the lease is assigned, the client will get an IP as well as primary & secondary DNS server settings on the NIC.


To configure DNS settings for your scope please refer to the above link. The 4th or 5th picture, where it ask, "Do you want to configure the options now" or something similair. This will allow you to configure the DNS settings for your clients.
HB-ITAuthor Commented:
ok have an issue.  I setup the scope correctly I think following the same setup you showed me in the link.

I checked the settings  in scope 1 (the one that was first setup in the company)
Scope -  Scope 2 -
I checked all settings under Address Pool, and scope options and made sure they matched.

when I assign a static ip address it does not connect.  any ideas

router settings say  Default Gateway
dns servers,
dns domain name hbdomain
HB-ITAuthor Commented:
here is the error I am getting.  Warning the default gateway is not on the same network segment (subnet)  that is defined by ip address and subnet mask.  do you want to save this configuration.
Just click yes & save it....Let me guess, you are using a subnet mask? Save it & then test to make sure it works.
I may be coming into this a little late in the day, but I'd have thought a non-natural subnetmask would have been a simpler option here.

Currently you are using (i.e. as your IP address range and subnet mask, giving you *up to* 253 addresses to use.

If you change the subnet mask to (i.e. /23) It will allow you to use the to range of addresses as well, and they will be in the same subnet, therefore can all talk to each other.

If you take the next step, with a subnet mask of (i.e. /22) you can use through to, giving a possible 1022 network addresses.

Apart from the DHCP server change, you'll need to change the subnet mask on your servers/routers etc, but that's all.

Just a thought!
HB-ITAuthor Commented:
ok the first one is using the subnet  ip range -

I need a new block of addresses what should i use for subnet and also ip range.

I was thinking - or -  what would i setup for subnet for these.  

my gateway is

the error i was getting was
 Warning the default gateway is not on the same network segment (subnet)  that is defined by ip address and subnet mask.  do you want to save this configuration.
HB-ITAuthor Commented:
also when I create this new scope to i right click on the super scope and create the new scope or do i right click on the server and create the new scope.  when you break down the tree you can see its either under superscope or on the same branch as superscope.
Looks to me that you are trying to superscope a network which is with /24 mask ( and in that case you need to change the mask on the router in your network to /16 ( (or something that makes the DHCP you want to use in the same subnet), otherwise you will have problems with different masks/gateways as you have now.

To make a more simpler solution, would be to create the second network (10.1.4.x/ and setup DHCP relay (or IP Helper address) on the router. Does the router and switches on your network support VLAN's?

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