"sp_password" password limit

Hey Sybase experts,
Is there a maximum limit for user password on ASE 12.5.3?
I know that there is a configuration parameter that sets the minimum number of characters for the password and its default value is 6.
When I use SP_PASSWORD with a password of more than 30 characters I got the following error:
Error:  Number (10316) Severity (14) State (1) Server () Procedure (sp_password) New password supplied is the same as the previous password.  Please supply a different new password.
Error:  Number (17720) Severity (16) State (1) Server () Procedure (sp_password) Error:  Unable to set the Password., Batch 1 Line 120

Can I change this limitation?

Ramez Nabil
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Joe WoodhouseConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
I seem to recall that in older versions of ASE, the password only checked a subset of characters for password history, so even if they differed in later characters, if the first few were the same, it looked the same.

I think. I don't swear to this.

Are your new and old passwords similar in the first, say, 4-8 characters?

There is definitely no sp_configure parameter in any version of ASE so far that limits the maximum password length, and a peek at the source code in sybsystemprocs for sp_password (in ASE 15.7) shows it can handle passwords up to 255 characters long. I don't have an earlier ASE handy to tell you what the maximum was in your version but you can check for yourself:

   use sybsystemprocs
   exec sp_helptext sp_password
RamezAuthor Commented:
It seems that 30 characters are the maximum limit for any password as when i try to login using more than 30 characters, sybase give me a warning says that only the 30 characters will be used.

Regardig the similarity of first 4-8 characters, it doesn't make any difference.

Thanks & regards,
Ramez Nabil
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Ah, it must be that the limit was 30 chars in ASE 12.5.x and below. I know many varchar(30) parameters became varchar(255) in ASE 15.0.

One more motivation to upgrade to a supported version? :)

Sorry there wasn't a happy answer for you on this one.
RamezAuthor Commented:
Never mind, Joe and thans for your usual support :)
I tried it on Sybase 15.0.3 but it gave me the same warning: Warning: Using only the first 30 characters for password

Ramez Nabil
Joe WoodhousePrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Oh! Interesting. I didn't know that (having never used a password of over 30 characters). :) Thanks!
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