brand with quality niche in desktops

just like Dell or Toshiba (i know there is not always a consensus, but for the most part) established as market leader in laptops for quality/reliability, who would be the one and two spot for quality in desktops?
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You're right, there are a lot of opinions out there.
From what I've often understood:
Dell may not win the top honors in all areas but have had consistant reports on service and support.  Dell also offers a lot in the way of configuration options as they allow building your config unlike most vendors that offer canned configs.
Beyond that, they all have had the top spot at one time.  HP, Lenovo might be the other big DESKTOP names.

It's true that you can hand pick and build better systems if going the whitebox route but you may have limited options for support depending upon where the parts come from.  You won't have a consistent source, models will be differ as time passes - more so than with a business system timeline.  This is all based upon multiple purchases for business, not a one time home purchase.
Dell would be no 1 and 2nd spot HP.

IMHO I don't really like any branded desktop computer - they all have no-name power supplies, motherboards, memory etc., they all are somewhat rigid and non-standard when it comes to upgrades, customization, replacement parts etc.

I prefer to build my own PCs from parts that have gotten proven high reviews on websites like
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appreciate your input
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