windows 7 professional

i have a user in office using windows 7 professional. he tries to connect remotely through rds to his dell laptop
once he is connected and logged in remotely he cannot do anything , mouse doesn't move, he is locked up

i checked his workstation in the morning today , i could not move his mouse till i booted up the dell laptop

i had recently changed power settings  as the computer used to go to sleep and he could not connect remotely.

i went to advanced power settings and changed to never for hard drive also increased to 2640 minutes. for hybernation after.

did changing power settings hangup the computer.

i see computer hangup after left unattended for several hours.

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ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to graphics card manufacturer website and install update drivers...reboot computer and check.

Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Disable screen saver & slide show, and go into the power scheme and tell Windows to never allow the HD and display to go into sleep mode.

Check the properties of the nic and uncheck Hibernate.

I had this problem on a Dell Oplilex and I had to recreate the power scheme and tell Windows 7 to use it. That resolved the issue for me. Hope this helps.
When you type MSTSC go to :
Options> Experience  and after uncheck Visual Styles
you can also go to Display and change Colors configuration.

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