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Sending Lotus Notes Document Links to Outlook users

I'm running into a very odd problem with sending Notes DocLinks to Outlook user, and was hoping someone could provide some insight.

We have some Lotus Notes users that have been migrated to Exchange/Outlook, each users Notes person document was edited to include a forwarding address so that new mail would be routed to exchange. These user are having issues opening Notes DocLinks in Outlook.

When these migrated users received a message containing a DocLink, the message has been converted to plain text and the link is replaced with the text (Document Link: <database name>)

Here's the odd part. If create a new person document, specifc it's Mail System as "Other Internet Mail" and put in an Exchange account as a forwarding address, the links come in properly. I've edited an existing person document to match the set-up of the new one, but it doesn't make a difference.

Does anyone have an idea why Domino is converting the messages sent to migrated Notes users?

1 Solution
Check the users setting for preffered mail format.

It could be getting changed to NotesRTF to Mime or other way before sending.
pathixAuthor Commented:
All the person documents in question are set to "Keep in senders' format"
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Any other differences in the Person document? The Domain name for instance?
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Hans Holt, Ph.D.Senior System ConsultantCommented:
The plain text for at Notes link should read:

notes://<server>/<database or unique ID>/<view or 0>/<document unique ID>

Some companies make conversion products.
pathixAuthor Commented:
Reconfiguring the SMTP router to send as HTML resolved this issue
pathixAuthor Commented:
Found solution searching online

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