CentOS 5.7 Configure VNC

I am running the GUI version of CentOS 5.7

How do I setup CentOS to receive inbound VNC connections?
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This link is very useful. Please follow this and let me know if you have a problem.  It is very simple to setup

Jayachandran PalanisamyTechnical Consultant - LinuxCommented:
In addition, you may need to allow access via your firewall, bear in mind that normal ssh access is insecure and you could best access the system via ssh tunneling;

If you use tunneling you'll need port 22 open, if not then I think it's TCP ports 580x/590x where x is the screen number but I cant remember which port is which (one is accesses via a browser).
You seem to want the client details:
Here it is.

Do the following in case you did not do it yet

For yum systems do at command line
$] yum install vncviewer      
or if Centos is Debian Apt based, equivalently
$] apt-get install vncviewer
This installs the vnc xtightvncviewer client.

At a terminal type
It wil then ask you for the ip address of the machine you want to view by means of a small pop-up box.
Enter the ip address and it will come up with the desktop of that machine.

Let me know.

This will work unless you work through a firewall as a previous post said.
In that case it is a sparate problem opening the relevant ports on the firewall.
Try it first between two local machines behind firewall, one running vncserver and the other with what I described above to be installed.
Olthough it is a seconday step,, as I can remember you need to open and filter ports  5800, 5900, and 5500 on your firewall, but that is another issue for after the client issue is resolved.
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