Sporadic duplicate email issue on SBS 2003

I have got a client that uses SBS 2003 with SP 2. they are having an issue where one person sent an email to three different people internally. those three people ended receiving the same email twice. Another user at the same location sent another email to the same three people and they ended up receiving it three times. I looked at the message tracking center and found the email that was sent out. they have different message id's and were sent out at the same time according to the exchange logs. a few weeks ago we found out that when we tried to run an integrity check on the database that it failed over and over at the same exact spot. another interesting thing I found was that on their Term Server they have Exchange Management installed and they have Outlook 2003 installed on both of those servers. the emails are sporadic so it is very hard to duplicate the issue. could this be a sign that SBS may be broken?
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Hello dynasis,
Could you log into the affected user email account with Web Mail (OWA) and verify that the messages are in his mailbox only once, not multiple times.
If true then your Outlook is downloading the same message multiple times but there is still only one msg.
Then for sure the behavior is due to another email client or addin/plugin/software checking for new emails periodically. If it happens that Outlook is checking in that same moment he is loosing track wich messages a new and it start downloading them from the begining.
Since it is sporadic you cant just use Outlook /safe to test. I would disable all addins and any 3rd party software like antivirus/antispam to rule them out.
The behavior could be because of few things :
-pop profile with the exchange profile and some rules applied after the message arrives
In case of pop profile it the cause could be that multiple instances of Outlook being opened > this a known issue
-third party  running on Exchange server
dynasisAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sirakov,

but they dont have POP configured, they do have a third party addin that they use for Outlook, I'll have to check on that but in the mean time do you possibly have any other suggestions. i just want to make sure that their SBS is not broken.  
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