InstallShield LE 2011 how to include VC++ 2005 redistributables

I have created a app in VB 2010 and installation package with installshield LE. How do I include the visual C++ 2005 redistributables?
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blevoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One other thought is to do a custom action that launches and waits for the c++ redist installer to complete. This can be confusing to the user but may work.  Found this great post on stackoverflow. Microsoft has an opensource installer framework that uses xml files.

Stackoverflow installer discussion
I feel your pain about InstallShield. My experience is with an older version of the Professional edition when allows you to include about any redistributable.  It is probably a limitation of the LE version. At least that's what this post alludes to.

Why InstallShield LE Sucks...

Over on stackoverflow there's a mention of using a launch condition to stop the install if the runtime is not there and at least give the user a message to request they go get it. Not very pretty.

This post helped me recall where you get the redistributable from, however if LE doesn't let you add it then you'll need to get a better, higher-end version of InstallShield or use a different set up tool.

Social MSDN post on redistributable location
DeadcatsAuthor Commented:
Thanks blevo

I went the custom action route.

I think the next relesase we will look at something else for an installer.

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