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PHP My Admin Issue

I'm using phpMyAdmin 3.3.9

I can not access the database via a browser URL....I know I need to edit something in the php.ini file but can't seem to pinpoint it. Does anyone know what I need to enable in the php.ini file to allow me to access the DB via a web browser?
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You don't have to do anything in php.ini - you need to edit config.inc.php in the PHPMyAdmin installation directory, or use the startup "wizard" they provide.
From Documentation.txt to use the wizard:

      + Instead of manually editing config.inc.php, you can use the Setup
        Script. First you must manually create a folder config in the
        phpMyAdmin directory. This is a security measure. On a Linux/Unix
        system you can use the following commands:

        cd phpMyAdmin
        mkdir config                        # create directory for saving
        chmod o+rw config                   # give it world writable permissions

        And to edit an existing configuration, copy it over first:

        cp config.inc.php config/           # copy current configuration for editing
        chmod o+w config/config.inc.php     # give it world writable permissions

        On other platforms, simply create the folder and ensure that your web
        server has read and write access to it. FAQ 1.26 can help with this.

        Next, open setup/ in your browser. Note that changes are not saved to
        disk until explicitly choose Save from the Configuration area of the
        screen. Normally the script saves the new config.inc.php to the config/
        directory, but if the webserver does not have the proper permissions
        you may see the error "Cannot load or save configuration." Ensure that
        the config/ directory exists and has the proper permissions - or use
        the Download link to save the config file locally and upload (via FTP
        or some similar means) to the proper location.

        Once the file has been saved, it must be moved out of the config/
        directory and the permissions must be reset, again as a security

        mv config/config.inc.php .         # move file to current directory
        chmod o-rw config.inc.php          # remove world read and write permissions
        rm -rf config                      # remove not needed directory

        Now the file is ready to be used. You can choose to review or edit the
        file with your favorite editor, if you prefer to set some advanced
        options which the setup script does not provide.

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