Virtual 2008 Servers can't connect with multiple IPs

We have a 2008 virtual server running on a 2008 host. We have 2 IPs currently. When we add 2 more IPs from a different subnet to the same NIC on the virtual server, it will eventually stop responding to ping or any incoming traffic.  If we remove the new IPs it works fine again.

We were able to duplicate this on another virtual 2008 server.

 Any thoughts on this.?
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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How can you have IPs from multiple subnets assigned to the same physical NIC? A NIC can only be on only one subnet at a time (unless you are using VLAN trunking).
Try connecting a physical NIC to each physical subnet you want the VM to have an IP address on. Create an external virtual network for each of those subnets. Add a new network adapter to the VM for each external network. Boot the VM and assign the IP addresses. You will also need to be aware of routing issues. In general, a machine should have only 1 default gateway. Any other routes required should be entered statically.

TonygretAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I am closing this question and opening a new one as it seem the actual problem continued even with one set of IPs.  It appears to be a virtual network interface issue.
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