to install software - does domain make any difference

when installing a software, does it make any difference if the machine is on a domain or not..

i understanding, regardless the person installing has to be a local admin.. any other requirements..
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WalterHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Only that domain admins are normally members of the local administrators group.
And that in a domain, Group Policies are checked that can restrict software installation.
wolfcamelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as per walters comments. plus..
sometimes there can be issues with roaming profiles or redirected "my documents" locations - although this is rare these days.
more likely you may have issues due to firewall restrictions or domain enforced antivirus.
otherwise - if you are a local admin and nothing wierd has been done to it via group policy you should be ok to install.
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25112Author Commented:
so what about this: can you user be able to do this, without admin knowledge.

just unplug the network cable (hence not on domain) insert CD and do the installs as he pleases?

(without domain local admin can do anything on the machine right, because no enforcement of of Group policy)
iceblitzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If group policy that restricts any installation is applied on the domain, you can't install.
group policy is enforced locally to the machine, so regardless you unplug it, the policy already applied on the computer itself when started. So basically you cannot install even by unplugging.

wolfcamelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you would still need to log in as a local administrator..removing the cable is not enoughas you would have logged in as a domain user.
this is a good reason to make sure the local admin account has a password that only the domain admins know to stop people loggin in locally and installing stuff. Too often the local admin password is blank or password - just used when the PC was setup
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