Registry cleaners - good or bad?

What's the story with registry cleaners? I'm noticing that some people love them and some people hate them. I have personally experienced significant speed increases after running Ccleaner. Should I worry that I am messing up my computer?
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registry cleaners are really only of use if you regularly install and uninstall software - the leftovers can slow down your system and/or sometimes cause issues.

for most people they arent that useful.

There is a lot more performance to be gained for most people by doing the temp file cleanup part of ccleaner
etech0Author Commented:
Some people insist that registry cleaners are terrible and don't even help. Is there a basis to that?
>> ...Is there a basis to that?

Mostly personal experience. Thought some "testers" back that up.
Most I have seen are more or less null, as far as help or hurt goes.

I have been using them for 10+ years (since W98) and only had 1 problem.
I was trying a new cleaner and the system would not reboot afterwards. But it turns out the hard drive also had issues, so who knows what actually trashed it.

Never really noticed a big improvement after using a reg cleaner, though a few "never been touched" systems seemed a little perkier.
I just like the idea of keeping my reg "tight".

Like wolfcamel stated, more noticeable are cleaning junk files and defragging.
I run the Ccleaner File cleaner every night before logging off. I have it set to flush everything but Cookies.
The Reg cleaner maybe once every 2/3 months or after installing/uninstalling software to play with.

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the cleaners in itself are not bad - it's how you use them
if you let them clean on "automatic" you put yourself to their mercy - and don't know what is deleted or changed
so i never do that; if i have to remove leftovers from an install, i use regseeker which lists ll entries for the searched program, and these can be deleted in one go

also -as noted, i never saw anythuing running better after they had been used - unless a program was corrupted, and the cleaner removed the "residu"
personally i dont use registry cleaners. Most of them, if left to run automatically will not really clean well, and sometimes even remove something that should not.
I dont see any difference in speed if you clean the registry, as the registry itself is not too big for current processor to read/write when loading it.
I prefer cleaning the registry manually, but this required extensive knowledge on the registry, but it is much safer then using the automatic cleaner.
etech0Author Commented:
Thanks for all of your help!
Thank you much.   : )
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