Mail returned from SBS2008 with exchange 2007

I have a customer running SBS2008 with Exchange 2007. Yesterday there were major power interruptions. Since bringing the server back up nobody is receiving any mail nor can they send mail.

I am not great with Exchange or Servers, but really need to assist this customer. Sending mail to them creates the following bounce mail for the sender:

There's a problem with the recipient's mailbox. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server: ????.local

#< #5.2.0 smtp;550 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver: The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service reported an error. The following information should help identify the cause of this error: "MapiExceptionJetDatabaseCorruption:16.18969:C3070000, 17.27161:000000004A02000000000000DA00000000000000, 255.23226:00000000, 255.27962:0A000000, 255.27962:0E000000, 255.27962:0A000000, 255.27962:94000000, 255.17082:AEFEFFFF, 0.27745:AEFEFFFF, 4.21921:AEFEFFFF, 255.27962:FA000000, 255.1494:25000000, 255.1238:0F010480, 6.21970:0F01048040008F660F010480, 6.21970:0F010480E484001000000000, 6.21970:0F0104800201091000000000, 6.14164:1DFAFFFF008013100F010480, 6.8660:0F010480008013100F010480, 6.21970:0F010480E48413101DFAFFFF, 6.14164:1DFAFFFF008013100F010480, 6.8660:0F010480008013100F010480, 0.18658:0F010480, 6.11956:0F010480E48413100F010480, 4.15604:0F010480, 4.13236:AEFEFFFF, 4.6993:AEFEFFFF, 4.5093:AEFEFFFF, 4.5318:AEFEFFFF, 4.10104:AEFEFFFF, 0.21097:0F010480, 4.8756:BFF9FFFF, 4.4353:BFF9FFFF, 4 .5257:BF F9FFFF, 4.4606:AEFEFFFF, 255.1750:00000000, 0.26849:00000000, 255.21817:AEFEFFFF".> #SMTP#
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Deon-YCGConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Got this sorted
Moved the EDB file to a different location.
Restarted Exchange and a new EBD was created.
Everybody was now receiving mail correctly.
Using Kernel for Exchange I recovered all mailboxes from old EBD into PST files.
Using Outlook on each machine I then imported the PST file.
Deon-YCGAuthor Commented:
No other info was forthcoming and I took a risk that paid off
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