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LogFiles HTTPERR folder takes over 20gb, is it safe to remove and what is this for?

XAnalyzer asked
Hello all, my Windows SBS 2003 server is critically LOW on disk space and the main culprit is this folder - C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\HTTPERR (21,000+ .log files). My server has IIS, SharePoint, etc in case this is relevant but can I safely remove the log files in C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\HTTPERR? And what are these?
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It has the iss log files.

Removing those logfiles (or even placing log files in a ZIP file reducing their size drastically) shouldn't disrupt anything and normally can be done as-is. No services restarts and whatnot required.

Best way to make sure  select everything you want to delete, move it to a folder on your own workstation, wait for a day or a week or a month (however long you feel comfertable with) and then delete them. Or ZIP them if you prefer to keep them around.

If the logs are required you can always move them back that way.


That doesn't sound like a confident answer (no offense). I was just wondering why they are created so frequently and if there is a way to control it somewhere?
Top Expert 2013
You can safely delete these. They are error logs genereated by IIS. However the fact that you have so many errors indicates a problem you may want to look into. You may also want to review the following which may help to reduce the chances of it filling up with log files again:


Deleted the files and no problems.