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Exchange migration 2003-2010 OAB Generation Server

tolinrome asked
Since this is one of the steps to migrate from 2003-2010 Exchange I want to make sure I do this correctly. According to the MS Exchange Server deployment assistant http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exdeploy2010/default.aspx#DeploymentQuestions/ee721959/2003

I need to move the OAB generation server to the 2010 server which will result in a Full OAB download for all clients.

So, with about 100 clients how long will this take? Will there be any disruption when clients open Outlook? Is this something that can be done during working hours, asit may not be such a drastic move?
Also, the OAB are the entries in the GAL, correct?

All of our clients are Outloook 2007 and we do not use public folders. If something goes wrong how can I move the OAB back to 2003 if needed?


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I have done this recently on my environment ( about 100 users) . nothing bad happened. no performance issues.
it's always possible to move it back to 2k3 server ( as far as I remember both through EMC and command line) .
I did it through working hours , I don't think it is a big deal . just make sure it works as expected. after you migrated to 2010 server , create a test user or update an existing user ( update address or phone number) , then make sure that address book gets updated, If not then check the log files to see if there is any permission issues or any thing like that. should be okay .


According to this article http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb125184.aspx - how do I know if I'm using web-based distribution or public folder distribution? I just want to make sure it goes smooth before I try it.

"If you use Web-based distribution, the Client Access server replicates the files. If you use public folder distribution, the OAB generation process places the files directly in one of the public folders, and then the Exchange store replication copies the data to other public folder distribution points. "

My 2k3 exchange is not decommissioned ,when you right-click on your default OAB and select properties , does it give you any information ?


no, it doesnt give any details. I just want to make sure that since I am not using public folders on 2010 that it will come over no problem. thanks.

in your public folders , do you see any offline address book public folder ? ( Make sure view system folders is selected ) .

To view the offline Address Book folders and the contents of those folders by using Exchange 2003 Exchange System Manager, expand Folders, right-click Public Folders, and then click View System Folders. Click the Offline Address Book folder to see a parent folder for each of your Admin Groups.


Ok, my point is that since I have 3 Folder Names under the OAB under Public Folders in ESM, Where will this move over to on the Exchange 2010 server? I do not have Public Folders installed on 2010 and want to make sure that its ok before I move them.
here is what I see in an article from msexchange.org :

you don’t need to set up a replica for the SCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY or the OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK system folder. This will be done automatically when deploying an Exchange 2007 Server in a legacy Exchange organization.

same deal with exchange 2010 . so you don't need to replicate these public folders.

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