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VBA to delete rows

Attached is a spreadsheet containing a sub routine that inserts a given number of rows on the selected worksheets (worksheets are selected in the code).

Upon clicking the "Click to Insert" button, you will receive a dialog box that will allow you to input the number of rows you wish to insert.  I'd like to modify this module so that when a negative value is entered, it will delete rows as opposed to inserting.

Any suggestions?
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I looked at your spreadsheet. There may be a few other places you need to deal with deleting rows, but it will start with changing your Selection.Insert to the following:
    If rng > 0 Then
        If rng < 0 Then
        End If
    End If

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Like I said, you may need to deal with the line that says: ws.Cells(sel - 1, 1).Resize(Abs(rng) + 1, 1).EntireRow.FillDown

Notice I added the ABS function.
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I'm going to go with Andrews solution.  It accomplishes what I need.  Thanks for your help!


BTW, is there anything new in Andrews' solution as compared to my reply ?

Kris, my apologies.  After looking at your recommendation, it appears to have accomplished the exact same thing.  This difference between your recommendation and Andrew's is very minimal.  Sorry, I should I awarded you the points since you responded first.  When I saw a slight difference, I defaulted to Andrew's since I borrowed the code from a different thread he provided a solution to.

No worries :)

Thank you.  I submitted the request to reopen anyways.  As an FYI, I posted a separate question that uses this code if you're interested in checking it out.
The reason I posted here was in my test @krishnakrkc's code did not delete the rows from all selected worksheets, which I believed was a requirement, and does not adjust the 3d range formual on the summary sheet.  I wasn't trying to duplicate what he had done.  The key difference is the explcit Select in the delete part of the code.

I don't think the select is required to delete the rows.
It shouldn't be but it is required when a group of sheets is selected like this.  Try it - your code does not delete rows from all the grouped worksheets, only the first one.  I'm not worrying about points here - I'm happy if @KP_SoCal want to reallocate, I was just pointing out that my solution was distinct,

fair enough :)