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Emails moved or deleted from user inbox

Server is running Server 2003 Enterprise and Exchange 2003 Enterprise.  User is running MS Office Outlook 2007.  

We are sending an email within a 3rd party software to the user and they never see the email in thier inbox.  The firewall sees the emails and forwards them to Exchange.  Exchange sees the email and forwards to the information store where it is successfully delivered.  

I had the user close that instance of Outlook on her PC and moved to another PC.  Same result.  I have added her mailbox as an additional mailbox to open in the Advanced tab in my mailbox.  I see the emails arrive and about a minute later they disappear.  

She does not have a client side rule that is deleting/moving the emails.  How can I check to see if there is server side rule that is doing this?  

Thank you.
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any anti spam stuff ?
do you see those emails in web mail ?


I do see the email when I access OWA from her computer.  I have to click on check mail several times to see it before it gets deleted.  

She does have anti-spam turned on.  There is nothing in the Junk E-mail folder.  But so does everyone else who does not have this problem.  Could it be turned on too high or too strict?  

I have a workaound in place.  I have created a client side rule that will move the email to a designated folder.  That seems to be working.  But I'd like to stop whatever is deleting or moving that email first.  


Does the email gets deleted from OWA even if the outlook is closed ? if that's the case then some rule in server side is deleting / removing it. ( or some rules in OWA) .

Just as a troubleshooting step , what happens if you temporarily stop anti-spam on her computer ?


Yes, that was the issue.  I checked her Junk E-mail options and she is set to High with Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Junk E-mail folder.  

I removed the rule I created.  And then I added the sender to the Safe Senders list and they are there now.  They are not disappearing.  So where does Outlook send those emails?  That's not good to blatently delete those emails without see if they may be relavant.  I will definitely re-consider leaving that option unchecked.  

Thank you.  


Thank you for a prompt and concise answer.
permanently delete is like shift+delete . So I guess it's better to avoid such an options. too strict for an end user .

You are welcome , I am glad that it worked. thanks for the points.

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