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Need a script to delete NS record from multiple DNS zones

munozm asked
I've tried to find a solution that works and I just haven't been successful. I've been fighting with DNSCMD commands and I just can't get it to delete a Name Server I have in all of my zones. I'm running DNS on Windows 2003 and even though it says the command, and a few variations, have completed successfully, the entry will not go away unless I manually delete it from the "Name Servers" tab...help!

Here's an example of what I've tried:
DNSCMD 'dnsservername' /RecordDelete 'zonename' 'servername' NS
DNSCMD 'dnsservername' /RecordDelete 'zonename' @ NS 'servername'

dnsservername = The name of the Primary Win 2003 DNS server
zonename = The name of the zone I want to remove the Name Server entry from
servername = The name of the Secondary DNS server I want to remove
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If anyone's interested, here's the correct command:

dnscmd dnsservername /RecordDelete 'zonename' 'FQDN of NS server' @ NS /f