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Restoring Single Mailbox

StarfishTech asked
Hello,  we need to restore a single mailbox from our exchange 2003 backups. Here is the scenario - we migrated from an exchange 2003 server to an exchange 2010 server. SHortly after the migration, someone deleted a mailbox on the 2010 server. Now we need that mailbox back. The old 2003 server is still intact and hasn't been decommissioned yet. It has been several months since the mailbox was deleted but we do have Backup Execbackups of the information store. To make a long story short, we can't restore the mailbox directly to the old exchange 2003 server via the granular restore. Symantec is telling us that the server keeps dropping the netowrk connection when we try to restore. Do we have any other options here? We have successfully restored the EDB and STM files.....we just don;t know what we can do with them. We've already tried forklifting them to a test exchange box that we have been the database won't mount.
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if you do have the edb and stm files then you can use third party tool to export that mailbox in pst
you can try this http://www.lucid8.com/product/digiscope.asp

or also have look at this link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823176
hope it will help you !
AkhaterSolutions Architect
if the mailbox was moved to 2010 then you won't be able to restore it instead you should restore the edb and then use a 3rd party tool to export from edb to pst.

These utilities do not come cheap but they are very handy to have in the toolkit
I use http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/Exchange-Server-Data-Recovery.html but lucid8 works great to and he is a fellow member on the board so it might be nice to ask for support if you need
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Please check this you can export it for less than $100

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