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Hello, I am not much into Lync yet. Our DBA's needs to patch the Lync DB server with SP2 for SQL 2008 and perform a reboot. They will need 10 minutes to perform this. Whats the proper way to handle this in terms of bringing services offline and back online.
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Well, I would first off do this off hours with a notification ahead of time.

Then you apply the patch, reboot the server and check to make sure all the services on the local machine are running again.  Then I would go into the control panel topology and make sure all the services there are up an running as well.  then I would test all the functionality.

In the event that something is klugy, restart the FE.  I have seenm, in my test environment, situations where a reboot of the BE server forces a reboot of the FE as well.

Just my opinion


Ok, thank you for your post.

Under topology > Status > choose the DB server > Actions > Stop all services.  I was planning on doing  this. Any thoughts?


Probably not the cleanest way to do this.
did everything go well?

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