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outlook 2007 and exchange 2007

Lamrski asked
Not only is the director of our company experiencing this phenomena, but I am too.  Has anyone experienced this and what can I do to prevent this behavior in the future   I have access to the exchange server and I did read that it might have something to do with the Active Sync in Exchange.  I personally do not have an Iphone or a blackberry and I do not have any rules and alerts setup in OUtlook.  
I hope there is an exchange/outlook  expert who can help?!
Thank you
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Let me just state that the tag states the problem---emails are coming into the inbox already "read"
sorry about that
Are you running mailbox manager?
Are you running any type of desktop search engine (that will open and index mailbox content)?

You both are the only ones that have this problem in your organization ?
Do either of you use POP3 to access your mailboxes from outside of the organisation?
Can you access the same mailbox using OWA
- check the status of the read\unread of the emails

if *still* the mails are read...you may need to concentrate on other applications\route where the mail hops before reaching the exchange-server\inbox

if *not* then we have some thing to worry on the Exchange server.


I was not able to figure what the solution is...I had to drop the whole question

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