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Cisco ASA ASDM 6.2 GUI saving

Brian_MB asked
simple question.  Two ASA's running in active/standby config.  When I make a change on the active one, I know I need to save running config to flash on the active unit, but do I also need to "save running config to standby unit, or is that automatically sync'd at some point?
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Top Expert 2010
They are automatically replicated.  

Command Replication

Command replication always flows from the active unit to the standby unit. As commands are entered on the active unit, they are sent across the failover link to the standby unit. You do not have to save the active configuration to Flash memory to replicate the commands.

Note: Changes made on the standby unit are not replicated to the active unit. If you enter a command on the standby unit, the security appliance displays the message **** WARNING **** Configuration Replication is NOT performed from Standby unit to Active unit. Configurations are no longer synchronized. This message is displayed even if you enter commands that do not affect the configuration.

If you enter the write standby command on the active unit, the standby unit clears its running configuration (except for the failover commands used to communicate with the active unit), and the active unit sends its entire configuration to the standby unit.

For multiple context mode, when you enter the write standby command in the system execution space, all contexts are replicated. If you enter the write standby command within a context, the command replicates only the context configuration.
Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultant

Simple answer: No.

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Thank you.  so the "save running config to standby unit" is only useful if you've made changes on the standby and want it to be cleared and resync'd with the active?
Top Expert 2010

Right.  Or oif there are any problems with the sync that's a good way toensure you're up to date

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